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The Lebanon Ministry of Public Health reported today on the first case of monkeypox in a person who returned from abroad.


The patient is currently following domestic isolation, and her condition is stable from a medical point of view. The ministry is also following up on identifying and following up close contacts.

Lebanon is the third Middle East country to report monkeypox (Israel, UAE).

The Ministry of Public Health stated that monkeypox is caused by a virus transmitted to humans
either from animal to human through contact with infected animals (rodents or monkeys) in countries where the virus is endemic in sub-Saharan Africa (Nigeria, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Kinshasa, Cameroon). and Central African Republic…) or from human to human through direct contact with skin lesions and spray, sexual relations, or indirectly through contaminated objects, especially bed sheets.

And it asked the public to take the following preventive measures: “Adherence to a safe distance with infected people, not sharing their personal items, not coming into contact with animals in the countries where the disease is endemic, and avoiding eating wild animal meat.”