In a follow-up on the monkeypox outbreak in Bambari district, Central African Republic (CAR),  a total of eight cases with zero deaths have been reported as of Mar. 25 since the start of the outbreak.

CAR Ministry of Health declared an outbreak on Mar. 17 in the sub-district of Ippy.

Four of the eight cases (50%) were male; all cases were over 5 years of age. As of 25 March 2018, three patients were hospitalized.

Laboratory samples were collected from all patients and have been tested by Institut Pasteur in Bangui. Six of the eight suspected cases have tested positive for monkeypox virus. One contact of a case developed suspicious lesions and laboratory confirmation is pending.

Monkeypox is a largely self-limiting disease i.e. a disease that resolves itself. Generalized vesicular skin rashes, fever, and painful jaw swelling are characteristic symptoms associated with an infection. Although there is no specific medicine to treat the disease, when intensive supportive care is provided virtually all patients recover fully, as we have seen with the current outbreak.

People at risk for monkeypox are those who get bitten by an infected animal or if you have contact with the animal’s rash, blood or body fluids. It can also be transmitted person to person through respiratory or direct contact and contact with contaminated bedding or clothing.