Hong Kong’s Siu Lam Hospital has been battling several infection control issues centered around a male ward for severe intellectual disability in recent days.

Hong Kong/CIA
Hong Kong/CIA

Several days ago there were reports of an Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV) in at least 11 patients on the ward.

Over the weekend, a hospital spokesman announced a norovirus outbreak on the ward where at least six men were confirmed positive for the gastrointestinal virus.

Today, the spokesperson for Siu Lam Hospital said nine patients (aged 46 to 63) in a male ward for severe intellectual disability had presented with respiratory symptoms since February 27. Appropriate viral tests were arranged for the patients and their test results were positive for Influenza B. The patients concerned are being treated under isolation with stable condition.

In addition, three additional confirmed norovirus cases were reported, bringing the total to nine confirmed cases.

Opened in 1972, Siu Lam Hospital is the only hospital in Hong Kong providing comprehensive rehabilitation and infirmary services exclusively for patients with severe intellectual disability aged 16 or above.