Measles is currently affecting several French regions and the rapid increase in the number of cases since the beginning of the year may give rise to fears of another major epidemic throughout the country.

Image/Robert Herriman
Image/Robert Herriman

After decreasing between 2012 and 2016, the number of measles cases has increased significantly since November 2017. This situation is the result of inadequate vaccination coverage in infants (79% with two doses of vaccine instead of the 95% needed), children and young adults.

The sharp increase in the number of cases since November 2017 in New Aquitaine continues in 2018, with the occurrence of several outbreaks in this region as well as in other French regions.


  • As of May 13, 2018, 2231 cases reported since November 6, 2017 (+79 cases in the past week)
  • 83 departments reported at least 1 case, number increased since last bulletin
  • 48% of cases (n = 1,068) are reported in the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region, the only region in an epidemic situation
  • 1 imported case of Metropolitan France in Guyana, with no secondary case identified
  • Highest incidence in children under 1 year of age: 22.8 cases / 100,000 population
  • 22% of reported cases were hospitalized
  • 87% of measles cases occurred in unimmunized or poorly vaccinated subjects