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In a follow-up on the infectious disease situation in Mozambique since cyclone Idai struck some 100 days ago, government officials report on the latest on the cholera and malaria outbreaks.


No cholera cases have been reported since May 30. The last case was reported in Nhamatanda district. A cumulative 6,768 cases and 8 deaths (CFR 0.1%) have been reported since the outbreak was declared on Mar 27, 2019.

Concerning malaria, a cumulative 59,173 malaria cases had been reported in Sofala province since Mar 27, officials report.

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More than 600 people died and an unknown number are still missing, while over 1.8 million people need humanitarian assistance.

Concerns persist regarding the likelihood of increased food insecurity and protection risks. All communities in Manica and 80 percent in Sofala province have reported harvesting less than half of their maize crop due to the cyclone 1 . The resulting displacement has increased protection risks, particularly for women and girls reportedly being forced into sex for money, exposing them to heightened risks of sexually transmitted diseases.