In a follow-up to the report of mumps in Auburn, King County, Washington, the number of mumps cases in Auburn has risen to twenty-two (five confirmed, seventeen probable), according to Public Health – Seattle & King County Friday.  An additional four cases are currently under investigation.


Fifteen cases are between 5-17 years and all of the children diagnosed are up-to-date on MMR vaccine. Public Health continues to work with the Auburn School District to identify potential mumps cases and provide information to families and other community members about preventing mumps.

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“The most effective way to reduce the risk of getting mumps and its complications is to be up to date with MMR vaccinations,” said Dr. Jeff Duchin, Health Officer for Public Health – Seattle & King County. “Because some people do not respond to the vaccine and mumps spreads easily from person to person, outbreaks can still occur in vaccinated populations. But, if unvaccinated, many, many, more people would become ill .”