A lot of attention has been on the mumps outbreak in northwest Arkansas, which has swelled to 567 suspected and lab confirmed cases; however, Arkansas is not the only state to report high number of mumps cases in 2016 to date.

Mumps virus/CDC
Mumps virus/CDC

Provisional data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) shows that through the week ending Oct. 8, 2,345 cumulative cases have been reported.

In addition to Arkansas, four other states have recorded more than 100 mumps cases to date. In Iowa, the reported source of the Arkansas outbreak, has seen 581 cases.

This is followed by neighbors Illinois (303) and Indiana (230).

Massachusetts rounds out the five state with at least 100 cases reporting 211. Five states have not reported any mumps- Vermont, Missouri, Delaware, Louisiana and Wyoming, according to CDC data.

In all of 2015, 1,057 mumps cases were reported in the US.