The basketball game between James Madison University (JMU) and the University of North Carolina at Wilmington scheduled for last night and the upcoming game against Elon scheduled for tonight have been postponed due to confirmed cases of mumps affecting the JMU coaching staff.

Within the JMU coaching staff, there is one confirmed case of mumps and one probable case in an individual who has since recovered. Two other individuals have been identified as suspected cases of mumps with no confirmed diagnosis at this time. At this point, there is one possible case affecting a student-athlete.  Confirmatory testing has been initiated.  As a precaution, all student-athletes and associated personnel related to both men’s and women’s JMU basketball programs have received MMR booster injections.  There are no suspected cases among the general student population.

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JMU Athletics continues to work closely with health officials regarding best practices for treatment and limiting exposure.  The department is working closely with the Colonial Athletic Association and all upcoming basketball opponents to make appropriate precautionary decisions regarding contests in the near future. Rescheduled dates for the two postponed games will be communicated as more information is available.


Mumps is a viral infection that causes fever, swelling or tenderness to one or more salivary glands, usually the parotid gland that is located along the jaw in front of the ear. The virus typically goes away on its own and patients fully recover.

The most common complication is swelling of the testicles in males who have reached puberty. Other rare complications include: Inflammation of the brain and/or tissue covering the brain and spinal cord (encephalitis/meningitis); Inflammation of the ovaries and/or breasts in females who have reached puberty and deafness.

To prevent the spread of mumps:

  • Check with your doctor to be sure that your vaccinations are up to date. The mumps vaccine is given as part of the MMR shot.
  • If you have been in contact with a person diagnosed with mumps, watch for symptoms for 25 days.
  • If you have swollen salivary glands under your ears on one or both sides, seek medical care immediately and stay out of work and/or school for five days. Inform the  student health service of your illness.
  • Avoid sharing drinks, cover your cough, and stay home if you are sick.