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By NewsDesk  @bactiman63

Officials with the Spokane Regional Health District (SRHD) confirmed two cases of mumps in Eastern Washington University students on Thursday and a third case was identified Friday in a student who had been in close contact with one of the other confirmed cases. Two of the three students were fully immunized against mumps.


Individuals who may have been exposed to the virus through contact or association with any of these three cases have been notified and are monitoring for symptoms.

Symptoms of mumps include: Muscle aches/pains, loss of appetite, malaise, headache, low grade fever; facial swelling, pain, or tenderness (usually in front of the lower part of the ear, extending downward and forward along the jawline, face and neck); discomfort with swallowing; testicular pain in males and pelvic discomfort in females.

Prior to seeking health care, individuals are encouraged to FIRST call the clinic or hospital, to avoid potentially spreading mumps to others.

If an individual is confirmed to have mumps, or even if they think they have mumps, they need to stay home and avoid contact with others to avoid spreading this very contagious virus.