Officials with the MidCentral District Health Board report additional cases of mumps in Palmerston North, bringing the total to four confirmed cases in the past five weeks.


Many areas around New Zealand are experiencing cases of mumps, with over 500 cases nationally over the past year.

Medical Officer of Health Dr Rob Weir said: “Mumps causes painful swelling of the face, fever and headache. Most illnesses go away after 7-10 days without problems, but can result in serious complications.”

The best protection against mumps is the MMR (measles, mumps and rubella) vaccine. Those who are unsure about their MMR vaccinations should check with their practice nurse. MMR vaccination is free for anyone who needs it.

Given the increasing number of cases in the community now is the time to suspect mumps if you have typical symptoms. If you do suspect mumps it is important that you minimize the risk of spreading it to others by isolating yourself at home and then calling your doctor before visiting.