Health officials in Yangon, Myanmar are reporting a rising number of dog bites recently, over 1300 in October and an average of 60 a day in November, and of course the major concern is rabies.

Burma map
Myanmar Image/CIA

According to a Myanmar Times report, a total of 8629 people suffered dog bites from January to October this year. Most of the victims were from Dala Township. According to Yangon General Hospital’s records, 25 people have died as a result of rabies since the start of the year.

Any Yangon resident who suffers a dog bite can get their 1st dose of rabies vaccine at the hospital, but will have to get their 2nd and 3rd doses of the vaccine at the hospitals nearest them.

“Only mass vaccination of stray dogs with anti-rabies vaccine can minimize the spread of rabies. We need to control the stray dog population,” said Dr. Soe Minn, general secretary of Myanmar Veterinary Association.