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Myanmar is now the 7th Asian country to report confirmed African swine fever (ASF) cases. Chief Veterinary Officer Director General, Livestock Breeding and Veterinary Department with the Ministry of Livestock and Fisheries, Dr. Ye Tun Win reported the cases to the World Organization of Animal Health Wednesday.

Burma map
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According to Dr Win, ASF virus was confirmed in Wan Nwet Village, Mongla, Keng Tung, Shan State on the Myanmar/China border where 15 cases were reported, including 12 deaths. This was confirmed by the Mandalay Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory.

Myanmar joins China, Vietnam, Mongolia, Cambodia, North Korea and Laos as countries reporting ASF.

African swine fever in Asia: One year since first outbreak

ASF is not a health-risk to humans but only to wild and domestic pigs. The virus can survive for long in cured, dried and salted pork and often gets introduced to the farm through swill feeding of pigs. There is currently no cure nor is there an effective vaccine or treatment available for ASF. Once pigs are infected, the only measure is to cull the affected pig populations.