Health officials in Douglas County, Nebraska say they have confirmed a case of measles in an individual who visited several places in Omaha and Blair.


The joint public health investigation by Three Rivers Public Health Department and Douglas County Health Department has identified several public exposures to measles in Douglas and Washington Counties. Exposures included: Country Bible Church, Blair January 11, 2015 (11:00pm – 2:00pm), Costco, 12300 W. Dodge Rd., Omaha January 12, 2015 (6:30pm – 9:30pm), Omaha Children’s Museum January 15, 2015 (12:15pm – 5:30pm) and the Blair Dance Center, Blair January 15, 2015 (4:15pm – 7:05pm).

Public health authorities established a 2-dose MMR vaccine schedule (at 12-15 mos and 4-6 years) in 1990, and schools established documentation of 2 doses of MMR as a criteria for school entry around that time.

Measles or rubeola, is an acute highly communicable viral disease that is characterized by Koplik spots in the cheek or tongue very early in the disease. A couple of days later a red blotchy rash appears first on the face, and then spreads, lasting 4-7 days. Other symptoms include fever, cough and red watery eyes. The patient may be contagious from four days prior to the rash appearance to four days after rash appearance.

The disease is more severe in infants and adults. Complications from measles which is reported in up to 20% of peopleinfected include; seizurespneumonia, deafness and encephalitis.


Most persons under 40 years of age who were compliant with school entry requirements have had two doses of MMR and have a very low risk of developing measles if exposed, health officials note. Persons who were non-compliant with that requirement are at high risk if exposed to a person shedding the measles virus.

All persons who have not received two doses of MMR are urged to consider vaccination at this time, especially if they were present at the times and locations specified. Exposed persons who are not immune and who refuse immunization should not attend school/work for 21 days after last exposure.


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