The Dutch vaccine manufacturer, Bilthoven Biologicals, announced that in early April (computer translated), two employees were accidentally exposed to the poliovirus after a spill at the vaccine production plant.

Poliovirus Image/CDC
Poliovirus Image/CDC

According to The Netherlands National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (Rijksinstituut voor Volksgezondheid en Milieu)  or RIVM (computer translated),  one of the employees were actually infected with the poliovirus.

The person is vaccinated and cannot get a polio, but he or she can spread the virus through feces, prompting isolation of the employee to prevent potential spread.

Earlier this week, RIVM reported that after 29 days, the employee no longer carries the virus. The elimination of the poliovirus is stopped and there is no risk of spreading. Prevention of additional infections were through intensive monitoring and strict hygienic measures in the home situation.

In the Netherlands, children from the age of two months, vaccination against polio. Thus the majority of the population protected from the disease.