Researchers at the RIVM and Wageningen University expect us to have more than 500,000 tick bites in June and July, half of the annual number of tick bites.


“Every year in our data from we see a clear peak in June and July of the number of tick bite reports”, says Kees van den Wijngaard, epidemiologist at the RIVM.

“We are curious about the number of reports in the remainder of this year, but it is striking that the number of reports in the first five months of 2018 is 29% higher than the average of the previous five years.”

In the Netherlands, 27,000 people get Lyme disease every year after a tick bite.

Through you can see where in the past period many people have been bitten by a tick, and where people have contracted Lyme disease. You can also register yourself on this website for participation in research if you have contracted a tick bite or Lyme.

Researchers say that every year over one million tick bites are reported in the Netherlands. Most people do not get sick after a tick bite.


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