The Kenyan Department of Veterinary Services has shut down abattoirs and quarantined all livestock in the Tana Delta area following a Rift Valley Fever outbreak that has affected at least 20 goats.


Tana Delta County director of Veterinary Services Anthony Kinyua said the first cases, which were confirmed on Monday, were from the Dhidhe Ade local government area.  

“The disease alert came from some residents of Dhidhe Ade who reported their goats as presenting symptoms that included blood-stained urine and faeces. The veterinary team responded and carried out tests that emerged positive,” he said.

Apart from shutting down abattoirs, the local government has urged people to desist from eating red meat and drinking raw milk. They have also been advised to use treated mosquito nets to avoid mosquito-borne transmission of the disease.

At least 13 people have died and 234 cases of RVF have been confirmed in north-eastern counties of Kenya since last week. The outbreak was confirmed through comprehensive lab tests.