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According to the New York City Department of Health, as of July 5, 111 people in the city have tested positive for orthopoxvirus. All cases are likely monkeypox.

An abstract representation of the virus by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Most of these people have had mild illness, have not been hospitalized and have recovered on their own. Even with mild illness, the rash and sores from monkeypox can be itchy and painful.

Anyone can get and spread monkeypox. The current cases are primarily spreading among social networks of gay, bisexual and other men who have sex with men, so this community is currently at greater risk of exposure.

Eligible New Yorkers who may have been recently exposed to monkeypox can get the JYNNEOSTM vaccine. This vaccine has been approved by the FDA for the prevention of monkeypox in people ages 18 and older.

Getting vaccinated after a recent exposure reduces the chance of you getting monkeypox, and it can reduce symptoms if you do get it. You must take two doses of the vaccine, four weeks apart.

NYC has recently been approved by the federal government for a new allotment of nearly 6,000 doses of the monkeypox vaccine. Once these doses arrive, officials will provide information about how eligible New Yorkers can make a vaccination appointment.