In response to the announcement from Florida Governor Rick Scott today about an addition 10 locally acquired Zika virus cases in Miami-Dade County, New York City Deputy mayor for health and human services, Herminia Palacio and Health Commissioner, Dr. Mary Bassett released the following statement on Florida travel:


“Following the confirmation by the Florida Health Department of ten cases of locally transmitted Zika virus in one area of Miami, Florida, New York City’s Health Department is updating its current travel warning for Latin America and the Caribbean to include this area of Miami.

“The fact that Zika is spreading locally in this Miami neighborhood means that pregnant women, women trying to conceive, and their sexual partners put themselves and their unborn child at risk of potential Zika infection when visiting this area.

“Although the mosquito associated with Zika transmission has not been found in New York City, we continue to encourage all New Yorkers to remove standing outdoor water, utilize repellant when appropriate, and avoid mosquito-dense areas. Zika is a mild and treatable disease for most people; however, it could have devastating consequences for an unborn child.”