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On Sunday, Governor Andrew M. Cuomo today confirmed 16 additional cases of novel coronavirus in New York State, bringing the statewide total to 105 confirmed cases.

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Of the 16 new cases identified since the Governor’s last update, 12 are in Westchester County, one in New York City in the Bronx, one in Nassau, one in Suffolk, and one in Ulster.

Additionally, the Governor today called on the federal government to expedite their approval of private labs and automated and manual testing to expand New York State’s testing capacity. He also encouraged New Yorkers to work from home, telecommute and avoid densely populated spaces whenever possible to help contain the spread of the virus.

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“We are continuing to test people and are working with hospitals and local governments to give them the resources they need to contain the spread of this virus,” Governor Cuomo said. “We mobilized quickly but the federal government has been slow off the mark and they continue to be slow. That’s unacceptable – we need them to approve these private labs today so we can stay ahead of this evolving situation. Worse than the virus right now is the fear pandemic – and getting these additional facilities online will ensure we have more facts that will help keep people calm.”

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