The number of measles cases in Niagara Region of Ontario province has jumped to six, according to Ontario Public Health data Wednesday.

Ontario map/public domain wikimedia commons
Ontario map/public domain wikimedia commons

As of February 18, 2015, 17 confirmed cases of measles from four health units (Toronto = 9; Niagara = 6; York = 1; Halton = 1) have been reported in Ontario since the beginning of the year.

This compares to 22 cases reported in all of 2014.

None of the cases reported travel outside of Canada.

Nine of the 13 cases with known immunization status were unimmunized including three adults and six children. Four of the unimmunized children received one dose of measles-containing vaccine as post-exposure prophylaxis prior to becoming cases.

In addition to Ontario, Quebec has reported 10 cases with links to the Disneyland outbreak in the United States, while Manitoba has recorded one case with a travel history to India.

The measles genotypes are different in all three provinces: D4 in Ontario, B3 in Quebec, D8 in Manitoba.

Measles genotype B3 has been reported in a number of cases associated with the Disneyland outbreak. In addition, this is the genotype reported in the Philippines and more than a dozen other countries.