In a follow-up to the mystery illness, now dubbed #OndoX on Twitter, shows that Nigerian health officials have ruled out a number of infectious agents and are turning their efforts to toxicology screening in search of the cause of the illness that has killed up to 30, according to some local news accounts.

Question markThe Abuja-based,  Premium Times reports “#OndoX samples tests negative for Ebola Virus, Yellow Fever, Lassa Fever Virus, Rift Valley Fever Virus, Dengue Virus, West Nile Virus,” according to the volunteer organization, Ebola Alert.

While the search for an etiology of the illness that causes headache, blurry vision/total blindness, convulsion and death in Ondo State, Nigeria, some point to an exhumed corpse as the problem:

While the government said the cause of the ailment was not known, other sources from the community blamed the death on some people that defiled the shrine of the community deity known as Malokun.

According to the source, strange death was caused by some people who incurred the wrath of the deity when they stole some artifacts from the shrine.

The investigation into the cause continues and Nigerian officials have set up emergency task teams to deal with the situation.