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In a follow-up on our report about suspected Nipah virus cases/deaths in Kerala state, India, Kerala Health Services released the following earlier today (computer translated):

Health Minister Veena George says Pune Virology Institute informed that 3 people have been confirmed with Nipah virus in the state. Nipah virus has been confirmed in a 9-year-old who is under treatment in a private hospital in Kozhikode, 25-year-old mother’s brother and 40-year-old who died yesterday. In addition to this, the 47 year old who died first is also assumed to be Nipah positive.

In the wake of Nipah confirmation, the neighboring districts like Kannur, Wayanad and Malappuram have also been given caution. The availability of monoclonal antibody for the treatment of Nipah affected people under treatment in a private hospital has been assured in connection with ICMR.

The Health Department had issued an alert yesterday itself due to 2 unnatural deaths due to fever in Kozhikode district. Samples were sent to Pune Virology Institute for confirmation of Nipah and preventive measures were boosted. Started working as soon as it was known to strengthen the defense in advance. Surveillance operations had also started in the area. Under the leadership of Minister Veena George, a meeting was held last night itself and assessed the situation and took steps. In addition, the Health Minister and Public Works Minister Mohammed Riyaz reached Kozhikode and coordinated the activities in various meetings.

Emergency meeting of MLAs of the district, representatives of the affected areas, district collector, top officials of the health department and other officials of the district was convened. Nipah Control Room (0495 2383100 , 0495 2383101, 0495 2384100, 0495 2384101 , 0495 2386100) has started. Contact tracing and surveillance activities have started. Minister Veena George visited Kozhikode Medical College and evaluated the arrangement. In the wake of confirmation of Nipah, the activities have been strengthened. PPE kit for patient care, n. Availability of 95 masks, other protective equipment and medicines has been ensured. Sufficient staff has also been assured.