The Korea CDC (KCDC) reported today the results of the epidemiological investigation of norovirus that occurred to wide range of people at the Horeb Odaesan Youth Training Centre from Feb 3. and reported that is likely due to contaminated water used for cooking.

Image/Amanda Mills
Image/Amanda Mills

Among the people who use the facility, 1,014 people were examined and, 94 people were confirmed with norovirus.

KCDC bases their assumption on the following: The risk of norovirus was 6.5 times higher than the person who did not eat the food provided by the centre, people confirmed with norovirus were found among the people who did not live in the centre but ate the food provided from the centre and the fecal coliforms were found in the water which is confirmed to be contaminated.

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After the training centre stopped providing meals for the people there, requested for frequent handwashing, to use the hand sanitizer etc, the norovirus infection reduced considerably.

Through Feb. 12, 194 confirmed norovirus cases were reported at the Horeb Youth Centre, in PyeongChang and Gangneung.