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In a follow-up on the COVID-19 outbreak situation in North Korea,  the Pyongyang Times reports today:

On May 13, over 174,440 persons developed fever, at least 81,430 were fully recovered and 21 died throughout the country.

Kim Jong Un
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The number of persons who had contracted fever from late April to May 13 totals over 524 440 throughout the country, of whom more than 243,630 were fully recovered and at least 280,810 are under medical treatment with 27 being dead.

The report referred to the data on the spread of the disease in every region and unit and the characteristics of its progress, and notified that in most cases the loss of life was caused by mistakes like overdosing of drugs, being unaware of scientific medical treatment methods.

The Political Bureau discussed political and practical measures to rapidly curb and control the nationwide spread of the disease so as to firmly hold the strategic initiative.

The consultative meeting focused on the issue of timely supplying reserve medicines, which would be urgently released as required by the top emergency epidemic prevention system.

It confirmed again practical procedures to make sure that the reserve medicines are timely and exactly conveyed to patients by mobilizing all the state means and forces in support of the transport and supply of medicines in demand.

It held an in-depth discussion of the ways to minimize the losses of lives by reasonably applying scientific treatment tactics and methods to different patients including fevered persons with special constitutional conditions and timely cope with the disease spread while observing its progress more closely.

The respected General Secretary said that just as the worldwide spread of COVID-19 is very serious, the spread of this malignant disease can be claimed to be a great upheaval in our country since the founding of the DPRK, but we can surely overcome the crisis if we do not lose balance in carrying out the epidemic prevention policy but maintain the strong organizing ability and control based on the single-minded unity of the Party and the people and intensify the epidemic prevention campaign.

Analyzing the nature and source of the crisis in a scientific way, he said that the current situation is not an uncontrollable spread between regions but the spread in locked areas and relevant units, and we should be confident that we will be able to overcome the malignant disease in the shortest possible time as we can see from the smooth progress of most courses of the disease.