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In a follow-up on the COVID-19 epidemic in North Korea, the state-run Korean Central News Agency reports according to the notification of the National Emergency Response Command, from 18:00 on May 19th to 18:00 on the 20th, there were 211,030 new cases of fever, 280,350 people recovered, and 1 person died.


From the end of April to May 20, as of 18:00, the total number of sick people nationwide was 2,460,560, of which 1,768,080 were fully recovered and 692,480 were receiving treatment.

The total number of deaths so far is 66. 

Another report discusses actions being taken:

In line with the establishment of an orderly command system to reverse the country’s severe quarantine situation, the Central Emergency Quarantine Department focuses on the prevention of the spread of malignant infectious diseases and the battle for treatment. are active

In order to establish the characteristics of the virulent viral infection introduced into our premises and the scientific control method accompanying it, an epidemiological investigation was conducted in various areas of Pyongyang City, and compared with the initial period when the number of infected people began to rapidly increase, It is achieving results by intensifying research analysis to evaluate changes and characteristics of clinical symptoms.

The emergency quarantine department at each level is carrying out stricter screening for intensive screening for all residents in order to completely block the spread of malicious virus, while also putting great effort into strengthening the disinfection business by following up with medical monitoring and timely treatment measures.

Nationwide, on the 19th alone, nearly 200,000 medical and quarantine personnel conducted intensive disinfection of 100,000 objects, including public places that could become a transmission space for malignant infectious diseases, and sewage and sewage treatment plants.

The medical science research department is improving the accuracy and scientificity of the test based on a more precise analysis of the gene arrangement data of the Omicron Mutant Viruses, which are trending around the world. The tactic is being perfected even more.

Upholding the Party Central Committee’s intention to overcome the quarantine war through the solidarity of the people based on the masses of the people, Party organizations, government organs, and workers’ organizations at all levels place importance on social trends and the voices of the crowd, and respond to them in a timely manner. It raises awareness of the quarantine crisis and responsibility among officials and workers, and reinforces propaganda and education to help them faithfully fulfill their conscious duty.

Each province organizes an emergency medical transport unit and supplies it to pharmacies and treatment and prevention organizations in cities and counties, and immediately responds to problems that arise as officials from the party and government agencies make daily on-site visits to the state of drug sales.

Combatants from the military division of the Korean People’s Army, a separate unit of the Party Central Committee, learned about the distribution of pharmacies in neighboring areas, including Ryongsong District, Lyokpo District, Rakrang District, and Sadong District, and underwent close ties and assistance with party and government officials, The new Limsi Mobile Medicine Volunteer Center has been launched and is dedicated to drug supply and treatment business, not only waiting for the people to come, but also directly going out to the generations where the sick people have occurred and delivering medicines.

The officials of the central and provincial treatment and prevention agencies, and the teachers and students of the medical staff training institute, are doing their utmost to protect the lives and health of the people, fighting a battle for treatment that is not separate day and night.

The sincere actions of workers from all over the country who deeply cherish the noble love of the people of the Party Central Committee and perform their civic duties while further demonstrating their communist virtues and brilliance in the struggle to embrace the great victory over the epidemic, actively contribute to strengthening the quarantine front. are doing

In all sectors of the national economy, we are striving for production and construction while strictly observing unit-by-unit containment measures.

The factories and enterprises in the metal industry, including the Kimchaek Iron and Steel Combined Company, the Chollima Steel Combined Company, and the Hwanghae Iron and Steel Combined Company, are carrying out the steel reproduction and Juche project as planned, maintaining high tension even under the greatest emergency quarantine situation.

In the electric power industry sector, while meticulously crafting economic operations and command to ensure the vigorous operation of the overall economy, the power productivity performance is vigorously pushing for a breakthrough in the revitalization of the people’s economy, and the working class in the salt industry sector is The plan has been completed and the momentum continues to rise.

At each important construction site, including the Hwaseong, Ryeonpo, and Geomdeok districts, where the great construction battle to make our Party’s long-awaited project blossom into a shining reality, the state’s emergency quarantine measures are actively implemented and construction plans for each schedule are implemented. It is always done.