While North Korea sticks with the claim that half-brother of the country’s leader, Kim Jong-nam died of a heart attack in Malaysia last month, Malaysian authorities say the substance that two women, Đoàn Thị Hương and Siti Aishah, put on Kim’s face, and the cause of his death was VX nerve agent.

I was joined by biodefense and bioterrorism researcher and Professor at Laboure College in Milton, MA, Lawrence Roberge PhD for an interview on the Outbreak News This Week Radio Show, to discuss the assassination of Kim Jong-nam and learn more about VX nerve agent.

Dr. Roberge also gave me a rundown on the likely weapons of mass destruction (WMDs) in Kim Jong-un’s arsenal.

I also got Dr Roberge’s thoughts on Bill Gates comments at the Munich Security Conference in Germany in February.

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Listen to the interview below:

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Image/donkey hotey
Image/donkey hotey