The Norwegian Institute of Public Health (NIPH), or Folkehelseinstituttet reported on a human rabies death of a person that got bit of by dog while staying in Southeast Asia.

The patient was admitted with rabies infection at Førde central hospital, early on Monday night and admitted to the intensive care unit. The patient died with close family around them, says Trine Hunskår Vingsnes, Vice President, Helse Førde.

Through these test results we have now confirmed that the diagnosis is rabies, Hunskår Vingsnes said.

The patient was infected with the disease at a dog bite during a holiday trip in Asia for about two months.

Rabies is a zoonotic infection (a disease that spreads from animals to humans) that can cause a rare but life-threatening infection of the brain and nervous system in humans. It usually results from a bite, scratch, or lick from an infected animal. The virus is estimated to kill around 59,000 people every year worldwide, most often as a result of a bite from a rabid dog in parts of Africa and Asia.