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Taiwan health officials reported today (computer translated) on the first novel coronavirus case. The patient, a woman in her 50s, worked in Wuhan, Mainland China.

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She was flown in from Wuhan yesterday, due to fever and cough. Shortness of breath and other symptoms were detected by the airport quarantine staff for medical treatment. X-ray examination showed pneumonia. Today’s inspection confirmed that it was positive for new coronavirus and continued to be treated in the negative pressure isolation ward of the hospital.

The Central Epidemic Outbreak Command Center stated that hospitals and local health units have followed the procedures for reporting cases of severe special infectious pneumonia for reporting, inspection, quarantine treatment, epidemic investigation, and tracking of 46 contacts on flights. The confirmed cases must be confirmed The quarantine can only be lifted after both tests are negative. In response to the first confirmed case in China, the command center has simultaneously notified the World Health Organization and the land contact window through the IHR contact window.

Due to the rapid increase of cases in Wuhan, infectious disease experts in mainland China have advised the public not to go to the local area as much as possible; the World Health Organization also said today that the new type of coronavirus may have continuous human-to-human transmission capacity in 2019; and the first case confirmed by the domestic industry was returned from Wuhan outside Taiwan In case of immigration, the command center announced from now on the recommendation to raise the tourist epidemic situation in Wuhan, Mainland China to the third level warning, reminding the public to avoid going to the local area unless necessary.

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The pneumonia epidemic caused by the new type of coronavirus infection in mainland China has apparently spread in the community and the situation has expanded. The command center continues to coordinate the integration of resources and manpower of various ministries, strengthen quarantine measures at international airports, small three-way ports, and public communication and health education. And ensure the preparation of anti-epidemic materials to prevent the supply of false information related to supply shortages or upsurges, reduce public panic, and pre-plan and exercise for the infection control of medical institutions to reduce the impact of the epidemic on the country and fully protect the domestic epidemic prevention security, To ensure the health of the people.

The command center once again urged people to implement personal hygiene measures such as washing hands with soap, wearing cough masks, etc., to avoid contact with wild animals and patients with acute respiratory infections, as well as access to traditional markets and hospitals By. If you have fever, cough, or other discomfort when returning to China, you should take the initiative to notify the airport and port quarantine personnel; if you have the above-mentioned suspected symptoms within 14 days of returning to China, you can call the toll-free epidemic prevention line 1922 (or 0800-001922) and wear it according to instructions As soon as the mask comes to the doctor, please inform the doctor of your travel history, occupation, contact history, and whether it is clustered (TOCC), and timely diagnosis notification.