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In a follow-up on the novel coronavirus outbreak in Wuhan City, China, Thailand health officials have now reported the second confirmed case in the country (computer translated).

Image by Wansuhaimee Waehama from Pixabay

According to the Ministry of Health, screening for travelers from Wuhan City People’s Republic of China  found the second confirmed pneumonia case, in a patient who is currently under the care of doctors at Bamrasnaradura Institute in Nonthaburi.

The patient is a 74 years old Chinese female tourist who is not related to the first confirmed case.

The Department of Disease Control Ministry of Public Health Nonthaburi Province Dr. Sukhum Kanchanapimai said officials have carried out surveillance and control of diseases according to the standard system used for emerging communicable diseases by screening passengers flying directly from Wuhan, China, at 4 airports including Suvarnabhumi, Don Mueang, Chiang Mai and Phuket from 3 – 16 January 2020.

Novel coronavirus in China: Diagnostic test, 2nd death in Wuhan

This includes a total of 86 flights, 13,624 passengers and crew that have been screened. 21 patients who were eligible for the investigation were infected with the influenza virus. 12 patients were treated and returned home. Two new strains of patients suffering from pneumonia from the corona virus are still in treatment room for negative pressure disease at Bamrasnaradura Institute.

The first confirmed patient from earlier this week has seen symptoms improve a lot and no fever. Doctors are waiting for double confirmation that no virus can be transmitted. The doctor will then allow her to go home. As well as the second patient who is currently undergoing treatment and following up until symptoms disappear. And re-inspected that no virus was found and then able to return home.