The norovirus outbreak that has affected at least a dozen individuals in Cleveland for the Republican National Convention (RNC) appears to be winding down as officials with the Erie County Health Department (ECHD) have not reported any additional cases in the past 26 hours.


Earlier this week, the ECHD reported on 12 visitors at the Kalahari Resorts in Sandusky, Ohio. The cases were reported in guests at the hotel that recently travelled from California supporting the California delegation. ON Wednesday, ECHD received confirmation lab testing for norovirus.

Health officials believe the gastrointestinal illness was acquired prior to arriving in Ohio.

Health Department staff have been working with the individuals and Kalahari Resort staff in order to educate and inform them on the illness in order to prevent further spread of the disease. Individuals have been informed of all necessary precautions including exclusion from pool and spa activities as well as food handling and caring for others.

All those affected have been fully cooperative and concerned for the health of not only their travel partners and coworkers but all individuals they could potentially come in contact with.

“ I am confident that all people involved are doing everything possible to eliminate the potential of future illness related to this outbreak which is evident by the fact that there are no new cases”, stated Health Commissioner Pete Schade.