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Washington State health officials reported three confirmed cases of omicron variant in Thurston County, Pierce County, and King County.

King County/David Benbennick

The patients include a man in his thirties from Thurston County, a man in his twenties from Pierce County, and a woman in her twenties from King County.

This is early in the investigation, DOH does not believe the cases are related, but the travel history of the patients is unknown.

The King County case is a woman in her twenties who tested positive for COVID-19 on November 29, 2021. Genetic sequencing results confirmed the Omicron variant.

The investigation is in the early stages and we don’t yet have information on the health status of the individual, travel history, or information on the extent of possible close contacts. Based on initial vaccination records, the individual was vaccinated, and received a booster shot recently, likely after exposure.

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