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In the last week of 2021, Norway health officials (FHI) reported 65.4% of all COVID-19 infections that were screened or sequenced were the Omicron variant, making it the dominant variant in the country.

Image by Alexandra_Koch from Pixabay

The Omikron variant dominated in week 52 in all counties except Agder, where Omicron accounted for 47.9 percent.

Troms and Finnmark saw 88.9% Omicron, followed by Nordland at 87%, Viken at 74% and Oslo at 73.6%.

Officials say areas with a high spread of infection also have a high proportion of the Omicron variant, but otherwise there are probably a lot of coincidences that control how large a proportion of the variant is found in the various counties, says Line Vold in FHI.

FHI expects a large wave of infection in the coming weeks.

The most important thing now is that unvaccinated people protect themselves by taking the first vaccine dose, and that everyone who has taken the second vaccine dose more than 20 weeks ago takes a refreshing dose, says Line Vold in FHI.