People can be waiting for years for an organ to give them a chance at an extended and healthy life and even then when they are lucky enough to receive an organ donation, there is no guarantee that their body won’t reject it in the long term. Organ donation and transplants is a topic that is extremely important to many people worldwide but is one that is sometimes forgotten by the larger public.

The statistics surrounding the whole area of organ donation and transplants are quite startling and if more people were aware of the implications for those waiting for a transplant, there might be a higher donor rate. People can choose to be an organ donor by carrying a card which they carry on their person. The card is issued in the country of residence and is signed by the owner.

This info-graphic from Study Medicine covers the whole area of organ donation and transplants, from statistics to major milestones in the history of the medical area. It also looks at some of the reasons why a number of transplants fail. Organ donation is an area that people should be educated on and the hope is that as people learn more, the amount of people willing to donate (or hold a donor card in their possession) will rise.

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