Outbreak News Across The Globe, Episode 1

By NewsDesk  @infectiousdiseasenews

In this new, hopefully weekly series I’m calling–Outbreak News Across The Globe, I’ll be looking at one big outbreak or infectious disease news story from 6 or the 7 continents (excluding Antarctica).

This week, I look at the malaria epidemic in Burundi, dengue in Bangladesh, measles in Auckland, Listeria in Spain, Valley fever in the US and dengue in Central and South America.

The Top 5 Riskiest Nations for Travel Infectious Diseases

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West Nile virus in the US: 20 years ago in NYC

The 8 Most Important Zoonotic diseases in the US

Ebola declared NOT a public health emergency of international concern

Ebola spreads to Uganda

Ebola: Where is the coverage on cable news?

Measles: New numbers released, anti-vaccine rallies in outbreak areas

Infectious disease news brief: Monkeypox in Singapore

Polio, Pakistan, the progress and difficulties with WHO spokesperson, Oliver Rosenbauer

Health promotion, disease outbreaks and public health with Glenn Laverack, PhD

Medicine and the media with Amesh Adalja, MD

Pandemic flu, vaccine-preventable diseases and more with CIDRAP Director, Michael Osterholm, PhD on Outbreak News TV

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