By NewsDesk  @infectiousdiseasenews

On this weeks episode of Outbreak News Across the Globe, I look at some of the biggest outbreak and infectious disease news stories from six of the 7 continents.

In Africa, I look at the latest numbers from the Ebola Virus Disease outbreak in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. I also look at a commentary from former Sen Joe Lieberman and Gov Tom Ridge concerning the unpreparedness in the US for the potential arrival of Ebola once again.

The African swine fever outbreak in Asia continues to trek on resulting in the culling of millions of pigs. I look at the latest.

New Zealand’s measles outbreak has topped 1,000 cases and in Europe, Sweden reports a large tularemia outbreak.

The news from North America I chose was an update on the outbreak of lung illness associated with using E-cigarette products–I look at the latest numbers (cases and deaths) and a new MMWR.

Finally, I look at the latest on diphtheria in Haiti and Venezuela, the two countries in the Americas reporting confirmed cases in 2019.

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