On this weeks program, I take a look a the surge of dengue fever cases in the Americas and southeast Asia. A primer of dengue fever and severe dengue is also introduced.


Measles does not just have individual health implications, but a measles investigation can be very expensive in terms of manpower and dollars and cents. I look at this.

A little update on the hepatitis A outbreak in Florida, increases in STDs and congenital syphilis and more.

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Lyme ‘persister’ bacteria and a three-antibiotic cocktail: A study

Bacteriophages and ‘The Perfect Predator’

Acanthamoeba case in Michigan with Shahzad Mian, M.D.

Pediatric sepsis with Niranjan Kissoon, MD

Cytomegalovirus, the RUSP and the National CMV Foundation

Lyme disease, ticks and the ecology with Richard Ostfeld, PhD