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On today’s show I look at the ins and outs of Medicare for All, a single payer, government health insurance program popularized most recently by Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders and now a number of new progressives recently elected are carrying the mantle with Sanders.

Image/QuinceMedia via pixabay
Image/QuinceMedia via pixabay

I discuss what the program is designed to cover (which is essentially everything), Sanders estimates for annual costs compared to that of the Mercatus Center at George Mason University and the Urban Institute’s analyses.

I play an interview with CATO Institute senior fellow Michael Tanner on his thoughts about Medicare for All.

I also talk to Editor of Mises Wire and The Austrian, Ryan McMaken, about comparisons of Sanders plan to the current Canadian health care plan.

Lastly, I look at an article by Gary Galles who analyzes the true administrative costs of Medicare for All, which shows they are higher than those touted by supporters of the plan.

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