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Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif inaugurated the third nationwide polio campaign of the year at the PM House, assuring the nation that the Government is taking all possible measures to eradicate the disease and protect Pakistan’s children. The vaccination campaign will be conducted from 22 August across 108 districts of Pakistan. Due to floods and other threat of virus transmission, campaign activities have already started in Karachi and South Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) on 15th August. In Balochistan, the campaign will start from 29th August.


The campaign will reach approximately 43.3 million children under the age of five with the life-saving polio vaccine. Around 392,000 polio frontline workers will provide polio vaccines at the doorsteps across the country.  The Prime Minister praised the frontline workers as “National Heroes”.

The Prime Minister kicked off the polio eradication campaign by administering vaccination drops to children at the PM House.

Addressing the gathering, he instructed the federal and provincial governments and district administrations to address the challenges of vaccine hesitancy persistently.

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“I urge all parents and caregivers to get their children vaccinated instead of hiding them or refusing to take necessary drops during all vaccination drives. It is important to realize the polio virus still exists in our surroundings and no child is safe until all children are fully vaccinated,” he said.

While visiting the National Emergency Operations Center earlier, Chief of Army Staff had administered polio drops and reiterated his commitment to eradicate polio.

It is pertinent to mention that the Polio Porgramme is working in partnership with various segments of Pakistani society, including communities, local influencers, pediatric and medical associations, media, social activists, religious leaders, and motivational speakers, and many others. They are all supportive of vaccination and the goal of reaching a polio free Pakistan.