Dengue fever has made it’s presence known in the northeastern city of Rawalpindi as recent reports say the northern Punjab city has topped 1,000 cases.


The total number of confirmed patients reported at the three teaching hospitals in town–Holy Family Hospital, Benazir Bhutto Hospital and  District Headquarters Hospital has reached 1,016.

Many health experts are of the view that the population in town is facing peak season for transmission of dengue fever and the incidence of dengue fever would become under control after a few days with the further fall temperature.

Elsewhere in Pakistan, earlier this month officials reported dengue viral fever cases are on a sharp rise in Karachi and it is feared a lot more cases would be reported up to the month of December. There is no official figure about the dengue cases this year, but it is estimated that the number of dengue fever cases in Karachi is in thousands.

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