By NewsDesk  @bactiman63

The number of dengue fever cases has topped 19,000 in Punjab province on the border of Pakistan and India. Health officials reported 456 new cases Tuesday, bringing the total in the province to 19,021.


Six additional dengue related fatalities were also recorded, taking the death toll to 75.

In the capital city of Lahore, 333 additional dengue cases and five deaths were reported. In Lahore, 14,145 total dengue cases have been reported, or 76 percent.

In a bit of strange news, a resident of Lahore went to the police recently to file a case against the dengue mosquito, Aedes aegypti. In his application with police he states, an “evil dengue mosquitoes gang” had attacked the citizens and killed many of them.

“I urge the police to register a case against the dengue gang immediately, and save the lives of innocent citizens of Lahore,” he writes.

Police obviously said, “it is funny and non-implementable to register an FIR/case against mosquitoes and arrest them as no sane men could think like this”.