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Officials in Panama reported the first hantavirus case of 2022 in the province of Herrera, according to a Diaadia report.

Deer mouse/CDC

The patient is a 58-year-old female, resident in the community of El Jazmín, in the Pesé district of Herrera.

This was confirmed by the head of Public Health of the Herrera Health region, Stacy Osorio, who indicated that the patient is hospitalized in Intensive Care at the Gustavo Nelson Collado hospital in Chitré.

As indicated, the patient is under a reserved prognosis, with an additional risk condition since she is a close contact of a positive case of Covid-19.

However, Osorio indicated that two tests have been applied to detect the coronavirus, both antigen and PCR, both with negative results.

After detecting the case of hantavirus, the Vector Control teams moved to the community of El Jazmín, carrying out an inspection around the house.

Through this tour, it was possible to find multiple risk factors , including corn crops near the house, remains of branches and trees that could serve as breeding sites for the vector mouse.

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The head of public health recommended before the arrival of the dry season, to carry out an effective cleaning of those spaces that are kept closed, using a mask, in addition to opening doors and windows for proper ventilation.

Last year 2021 in the province of Herrera, a single case of Hantavirus was confirmed, located in the district of Parita.