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The Department of Epidemiology of the Los Santos Health Region recorded five cases of hantavirus during the first three months of 2023, with no deaths.

Image/Panama MOH

The report details that in the district of Las Tablas there have been two cases of Cardiopulmonary Syndrome due to Hantavirus (SCPH) and one Fever due to Hantavirus (FH), the rest of the cases were registered in the district of Tonosí (1 SCPH and 1 FH ), there the first occurred in the month of January, one in February and 3 in March.

Focused on this issue, the Department of Health Promotion of the district of Las Tablas intensified teaching in the different waiting rooms of Health Centers and Minsa Capsi on the prevention of hantavirus, with these actions it seeks to guide the population on the proper procedure to clean the houses that have remained closed and that will be inhabited during Holy Week, where thousands of visitors come to the province of Los Santos.

Among the recommendations are, open doors and windows, spray water with disinfectant and mop, wear masks while cleaning.