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Crops and pastures less than 30 meters from homes continue to be the main risk factor for hantavirus in the province, according to reports from the Los Santos regional Vector Control department.

Image/Robert Herriman

The latest inspections were carried out in communities of the districts of La Villa, Guararé, Las Tablas and Pocrí, where 511 housing estates were verified, with crops and pastures less than 30 meters from the houses being the main factor with 136 cases, there are others such as grain inside homes (34), dirty patios (73) and garbage (58).

The province of Los Santos registers 11 cases of hantavirus so far in 2023, the verification actions continue, likewise the teaching in waiting rooms of the care centers and campaigns in the districts.


The Los Santos Health Region recommends that the population keep the patios of the houses clean, store the grains in hermetic places and away from the houses, seal the holes that exist in the house to prevent them from becoming burrows for the rodent.