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The province of Los Santos closed the year 2022 with 39 cases of hantavirus without deaths, according to the regional epidemiology report.

Los Santos, Panama
Image/ Rgarciacq at Wikimedia commons

Of the total, 22 cases correspond to Hantavirus Cardiopulmonary Syndrome (SCPH) and 17 to Hantavirus Fever (FH), distributed in the districts of Tonosí (11 FH and 13 SCPH), Los Santos (4 FH and 4 SCPH), Las Tablas (1 FH and 3 SCPH), Macaracas (1 FH and 1 SCPH) and Guararé (1 SCPH).

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The report reveals that the district of Tonosí has ​​the highest proportion of cases with 61.5% in 2022, the province has not registered deaths from hantavirus since 2019. Another relevant aspect is that the district of Los Santos had 8 more cases than years previous.

The Minsa urges the population to keep the residential premises clean, avoid storing grain in the homes and seal holes that can become burrows for rodents, in the same way people are recommended to return to homes that have remained closed, ventilate the house and spray water before sweeping.