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The report from the General Directorate of Health Surveillance indicates a total of 11,600 cases of chikungunya and 246 of dengue in the last three epidemiological weeks in Paraguay.

Aedes aegypti/CDC

The general director of Health Surveillance, Dr. Guillermo Sequera, reported this morning that 98% of confirmed cases of arbovirosis correspond to chikungunya and 2% to dengue.

The epicenter continues to be Asunción and Central, where 71% of the cases are concentrated, the rest are dispersing in the interior of the country (Paraguarí, Alto Paraná, Caaguazú, Cordillera, Guairá, Amambay, San Pedro and Alto Paraguay, among other departments).

In Central, the epicenter of cases continues to be San Lorenzo, in addition to being the distributor of the disease, it is also followed by Nueva Italia and Villeta, taking into account that the number of cases they have for their population is considerable, according to explanations by Dr. Sequera.

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As for Asunción, the north (Zeballos Cue, Botánico, Loma Pytã, Santísima Trinidad) continues to be alarming. Likewise, the cases are concentrated in Barrio Obrero, Roberto L. Petit, Tacumbú, San Vicente, Saxony. “Joint work is being done between various institutions, however, it is not being possible to reduce notifications and cases of the disease, we must persist with the elimination of breeding sites, especially after these rains,” said the head of Surveillance of the Health.

Regarding the deceased, he mentioned that, to date, 33 deaths due to chikungunya have been registered, of which 5 are minors. “The increase of deceased occurs in those who are 70 years old and over, mainly in men, all with some underlying disease,” he said.

In hospitalizations, on the other hand, a slight decrease is observed. “From having around 200 hospitalized, today we have 164. Of the serious cases, from having had 40, we went to 20,” he highlighted.