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Currently, the number of people affected by respiratory symptoms, mainly by respiratory syncytial virus (RSV), is increasing, according to the Paraguay Ministry of Health.

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Through Epi Week 17, 154 RSV cases have been reported within Sentinel Surveillance.

In general, the increase in RSV cases begins between epidemiological week (EW) 15 and (EW) 16, and peaks between week (EW) 20 and (EW) 23. “When it reaches this threshold, the cases skyrocket five to six times more, and that is when the health system is saturated and all the beds are occupied”, the head of the General Directorate of Health Surveillance, Dr. Guillermo Sequera said.

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Taking into account that there is no vaccine against this virus, officials advise on the application of prevention and self-care measures, which also serve to protect against other circulating respiratory viruses, which include: hand washing, cough etiquette (cover mouth and nose when coughing or sneezing with the inner crease of the elbow), not attend meetings sick. If it is a work issue that cannot be postponed, the doctor advises wearing a mask to prevent the spread of the virus.