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In Paraguay this week, the General Directorate of Health Surveillance reports 13,010 chikungunya cases in the last three weeks.

The general director of Health Surveillance, Dr. Guillermo Sequera, explained that the increase in cases of this disease has been observed since the beginning of this year, in February it remained high, in March it apparently decreased, however, the plateau currently is high, as he refers. “We can say that we are quite stable, with a slight increase. In Central, there is a slight decrease, but if at the national level it remains stable or a slight increase, it is increasing in the interior of the country, which makes the national rate increase”, said Dr. Sequera.

The departments where the cases are concentrated are Central (37%), Asunción (18%), Alto Paraná (13%), Amambay (5%), Paraguarí (5%), Cordillera (4%), Guairá (4%) ), Concepción (4%), among others.

“Today the problem is spreading to the interior of the country, as we have been saying. First, Alto Paraná, and then the other departments. Let’s not fool ourselves into saying that this is on the decline, which worries us about this epidemic that, if it remains on a high plateau, could increase lethality in the rest of the country’s departments,” said Dr. Sequera.

In Asunción, Barrio Obrero continues to lead the cases, followed by San Vicente and Sajonia. Central, for its part, despite having a slight decrease, continues with cases in San Lorenzo, Luque, Lambaré, Capiatá and other districts.

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Alto Paraná, the second largest metropolitan region, presents the highest number of cases in Ciudad del Este, Minga Guazú, Presidente Franco and Hernandarias.   

About the most affected age group, there are people between 20 and 39 years of age, with 30%, followed by the group of 60 years and over, with 20%. It continues to be predominant in females (59%).

Currently, there are 60 accumulated confirmed deaths, with a predominance of males and at the extremes of life.

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So far in the year 2023, 104,775 chikungunya notifications have been registered, with more than 52,000 confirmed or probable cases.

Since the outbreak began in October 2022, Paraguay has seen more than 113,000 total cases.


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