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Since October 2022 through April 14, 2023, Paraguay’s health ministry reported 91 total chikungunya deaths–One who died in the year 2022 and 90 this year.

Image/Paraguay MOH

Two-thirds of the deaths come from Central. 87 percent of the fatalities presented with a comorbidity.

The highest case fatality rates are observed in those under 1 year of age and in those over 80 years of age.

According to the latest report from the General Directorate of Health Surveillance, a total of 10,057 cases of chikungunya were registered in the last three weeks of 2023.

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General director, Dr. Guillermo Sequera, explained that while in the interior of the country there is an increase in cases, in Asunción and Central there is a decrease; however, these are still the regions with the greatest weight in the epidemic. “Central and the capital account for 47% of the cases and the other departments 53%,” he reiterated.

In Asunción, the neighborhoods with the most cases continue to be Sajonia, San Pablo and Barrio Obrero, while in Central, the cases are concentrated in San Lorenzo, Lambaré and Luque.

Since the beginning of the outbreak in October 2022, 71,114 total confirmed and probable cases have been reported.