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Currently, in the country there is a progressive increase in the curve of notifications of suspected cases of dengue. Partial data shows that in this last week evaluated – (SE 45) 236 notifications were recorded, ten more than the previous week; while the average number of notifications in the last three weeks is 224.

Image/Robert Herriman

According to the updated Health Surveillance report, 10 new cases of dengue were recently identified, all from the department of Alto Paraguay: 7 located in the Carmelo Peralta district and 3 in Fuerte Olimpo.

Until now, circulation of two dengue serotypes has been registered in the national territory: DEN-1 in Itapúa, Canindeyú, Boquerón, Alto Paraguay and Concepción; DEN-2 in Guairá and Pdte. There is; and cocirculation of both serotypes in Asunción, Caaguazú, Central and Amambay.

Regarding chikungunya, 18 new cases were reported: 17 from the Central department (Limpio, Mariano Roque Alonso, Capiatá and Fdo. de la Mora) and one from Asunción (Loma Pytá neighborhood).

To date, 1,839 total dengue cases and 531 chikungunya cases have been reported in 2022.