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Reports of suspected dengue fever have shown an increasing trend in the last week. To date, there are 10,164 notifications for the virus at the country level, that is, about 10% more than that reported in the previous week.

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Concepción and Presidente de Hayes are the departments that registered the most cases, followed by Central, Asunción and Alto Paraguay.

DEN-2 is the predominant serotype within the national territory, with co-circulation of DEN-4 in Concepción and Boquerón, and of DEN-1 in Asunción. New identifications of DEN-2 were located in recent days in Choré (San Pedro Norte), Areguá (Central) and Barrio Obrero (Asunción).

Itapuá and Guairá maintain an upward trend, while in Asunción and Central the spread of the virus continues.

According to the latest Arbovirus Surveillance report, 1,953 notifications have been accumulated in the last 4 weeks, with an average of 488 per week. Alto Paraguay and Presidente Hayes, both regions have a notification rate of more than 500 per 100,000 inhabitants. While Boquerón, Concepción, Central, Asunción, Canindeyú, Guairá, Ñeembucú, Misiones and Alto Paraná show a notification rate between 101 to 500.

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Asunción and 19 districts of various departments in the country are currently on a “risk” scale with alarming larval infestation rates ranging from 4 to 23%, and 14 are at an “alert” level, with infestation rates from 1 to 3.71%.